Easy-Call -- Emergency & Disaster response  Reduce your reliance on 'the human factor' in a crisis by automating the procedures for on-duty or fan-out calls. Reduce your training costs while insuring flawless response.

Easy-Call -- Clinical/Schedule Management Recover time wasted at 'telephone-tag' with clients or patients. Get in-touch immediately, wherever they are, and ensure they respond by "smart" multi-media interaction. Make certain they understand your meaning by user-controlled yet automated multilingualism.

Easy-Call -- Service Scheduling and Dispatch Automate the dispatch of operations like housekeeping, patient-transport, I/T support, or plant engineering. Measure the efficiency and utilization of staff, whether by task, department, or individual.

Easy-Call -- Automated Staff Replacement Auto-search and confirm staff substitutions in seconds! Minimize overtime pay-out, yet strictly adhere to labor law and agreements! Reach replacements wherever they are, any time of day or evening they permit, by whatever means is handiest!  

Asset Tracking System Track the location and/or disposition of scarce capital resources throughout their life-cycle, the availability of consumables, or, even the readiness of beds by an easy-to-use, internet-ready interface. And, automatically schedule or dispatch the booking, delivery, & return of valuable assets.

Instrument Sterilization Tracking Identify every tray, container or cart with aa barcoded SISTrack ID that localizes the instruments within!
Track every SISTrack ID to your schedule of Surgical procedures!
Limit the risk of possible infection transfer to specific trays and containers of instruments, and to vastly fewer patients!