Easy-Call -- Clinical and Schedule Management

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EASY-CALL is your SMARTxChangeTM control center for voice communications between virtually limitless numbers of individuals and groups of individuals, within or outside your enterprise or institution.

EASY-CALL provides for faultless exchanges of mission-critical voice and/or text info, easily and in seconds, between: individuals, professionals, support communities, medical centers, peer groups, colleagues, or the public.

EASY-CALL’s ‘seek me out’ approach tenaciously re-dials recipients’ lists of pre-authorized contact devices and numbers until the message is received. So, it maximizes response yield while reducing time wasted by the caller.

EASY-CALL users can reach anyone with a (touch-tone) phone, pager, cellular, e-mail, or voice-mail device or service from their browser! Or, when browsers are unavailable, any touch-tone phone can be used. So, for routine or urgent matters alike EASY-CALL provides immediate and cost-effective global outreach!

And, all threads of EASY-CALL interaction are time-stamped electronically and conserved in ‘full-vox detail’ for recall at any future date!

Add the EASY-CALL Schedule Module to automate communication for clinics or training-session management. The browser-based schedule can be automatically updated as prospective attendees call in to confirm their attendance. Send out notices of cancelled or re-scheduled dates, to hundreds at a go, with details translated into the language of each listener.

Any facility using EASY-CALL will immediately enjoy benefits like:

  • enhanced productivity through the recovery of time lost to ‘telephone tag’
  • easily-managed voice interaction through browser or touch-tone interfaces that segregate critical calls from others
  • improved "quality of life“ when higher productivity translates into regularized work hours with less overtime
  • automated call-routing to on-duty staff with automated escalation
  • peace-of-mind through the certainty of knowing important info has been received and understood
  • global physical outreach via a multi-media interface that’s device and service-independent
  • global cultural outreach via automated multilingualism for theoretically limitless numbers of languages
  • a secured clinical and forensic record of professional-to-client/patient exchanges that’s electronically time-stamped and fully-auditable