Easy-Call -- Emergency and Disaster Response

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EASY-CALL is your SMARTxChangeTM communications control center that ensures the most robust and faultless response possible for any critical situation!

Whether initiated by browser, touch-tone phone call, or a system-generated signal, EASY-CALL expedites alerts and exchanges of information in a variety of formats to pre-defined individuals or groups of persons – whether local or external!

Let EASY-CALL immediately and simultaneously connect you to any number of professionals, specialists, volunteers and support workers. Critical messages, whether composed ‘on-the-fly’ or pre-recorded, are expedited:

  • under the strict protocol of a on-duty & escalation roster that’s calendarized by shift,
  • broadcast to whole groups of persons in user-defined categories.

And, once in contact, conduct and monitor two-way exchanges of information in voice and other formats!

Plus, EASY-CALL tenaciously seeks out intended recipients of mission-critical info until they confirm they’ve received it. Thus, EASY-CALL virtually guarantees a successful response to critical situations!

EASY-CALL reduces the impact of ‘the human factor’ in any critical response because it automates call-out procedures. And, EASY-CALL’s user-administered and automated protocols establish organization-wide standards that reduce training costs.

The easy-to-use EASY-CALL browser is accessible from anywhere there’s an intranet or internet. Alternately, the touch-tone interface is accessible through standard services. So, global outreach is achieved without requirement of upgrades and their associated expense, because legacy and local personal devices and services should work seamlessly!