Easy-Call -- Service Scheduling and Dispatch

Easy-Call ADS TM fully and effectively automates service dispatch, whether your organization seeks to achieve:

  • higher levels of customer care and responsiveness,
  • better operational control thatís measurable, or
  • reduced costs!

Easy-Call ADSís enables departmental users to enter details of required service easily by an intuitive browser ie. type of service, when needed (DD:HH:MM), to and from, and other particulars, in text and voice format.

Then Easy-Call ADS TM and Smart xChange TM do the rest, automatically! Ö to Ö

  • prioritize and schedule the service,
  • locate service staff located near to where the work is needed, and assign the work to them if they’re available,
  • and, track work-in-progress until it is closed, and automatically escalate when necessary!

Easy-Call ADS TM monitors all steps of execution, for all to view real-time! The Ďstatus at a glanceí browser eliminates aggravating telephone or radio interplay!

Easy-Call ADS TM automatically alerts operational supervisors to any service bottleneck as it arises!

Easy-Call ADSís rich base of operational data quantifies the effectiveness of service delivery, even individual performance, against benchmarks! Fact can easily be separated from fancy during operational review sessions, or, performance reviews! Operational planning becomes a breeze as service demand & labor expense are tracked by unit.

And, Easy-Call ADS TM can allocate service charges against in-house cost-centers and budgets, or, against client invoices.

Facility Managers may use Easy-Call ADSís own reports, or industry-standard reporting tools, to pinpoint general bottlenecks or to better plan and allocate their resources.