ATS Technology

Technology Overview

Mandexin’s Asset Tracking System (ATS) gives business the tools it needs to track and manage its mission-critical equipment investment. Use ATS’s advanced browser technology to book use of particular items, or monitor equipment status at-a-glance – whether available, or, in use, repair, assemblage, etc. Moreover, ATS bar-codes time-stamp each issuance and return of every asset, can identify their borrowers, or confirm their location once issued by means of laser-enabled devices like: PDAs. ATS even automatically schedules and dispatches staff to do round-ups! ATS enables users to determine inventory levels at multiple locations, or, allocate charge-backs based on usage. ATS provides a complete suite of performance and statistical reports that can be used to schedule preventive maintenance or deliver operational insight when planning.

  • Improved Service via Logistic Control
  • Minimize downtime via Repair Tracking
  • Cost Recovery via Charge-backs
  • Cost Control through Inventory Management
  • Material Usage Information and Statistics

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