SMARTxChange TM is the intelligence engine for communication that ‘Auto-dials and locates’ intended recipients, individuals or groups, or on-duty staff, simultaneously, with user-controled and automatic escalation !

Any digital device can interface with SMARTxChange TM to maximize outreach. Moreover, legacy communication services and devices, whether owned by the institution or by external clients and patients out in the community, readily complement SMARTxChange TM.

SMARTxChange TM provides security to users by the use of PINs and IDs, like banks use with ATM and internet technologies. Plus, when accessed through the internet, the same 128-bit encryption used by major banks can be utilized.

SMARTxChange TM is multi-lingual. Listeners interact in their own language, and, even elements of information to be conveyed are automatically translated. Any language can be added with minimal recording effort, to reduce a frequent source of stress for all parties concerned!

Time-stamped audit-trails of interactions, with ‘full-vox’ recall, are secured by SMARTxChange TM and its industrial-strength database technology.

All SMARTxChange TM interactions enjoy sophisticated security at multiple layers, and, they’re auditable on demand indefinitely.

And, for added peace-of-mind, SMARTxChange’s robustness and reliability are proven in life-critical applications for healthcare.