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The Easy-Call™ suite of products combine to provide a potent integrated solution for your operation:


Easy-Call™ ADS

Efficient and effective 'dispatcher-less dispatch' of support-service tasks. Pooled and floor-dedicated staff, empowered powered by WEB/App interaction on mobile devices, receive and close-out assignments with minimized effort and maximized on-time performance, optimized staff-levels for any shift, and improved workload control to the second!


Easy-Call™ ADS/Bed-Tracker

Bed-cleans get automatically triggered upon any discharge (or transfer) from the enterprise ADT (HL7). Whether dedicated to a floor, or to a specific unit, or assigned to a general pool, staff are assigned to bed-cleans through their mobile devices powered by WEB/App interaction. Optimal staff deployment shortens bed-turnaround time to the maximum!


Easy-Call™ AMS

Asset Management System (AMS) gives any operation the tools it needs to track and manage its mission-critical mobile-asset investment. Units may browse & book available devices -- like pumps or stretchers -- at-a-glance, from a centrally-managed, enterprise inventory. Know what devices are available, or, in use, repair, assemblage, re-charge/disinfection. And, any available asset can be 'booked' for use at any time forward. So, hoarding of assets is reduced, while infection-control protocols are reinforced between re-usages! Moreover, AMS time-stamps each issuance and return of every bar-coded asset, identifying the unit to which each is assigned. The position and status of every asset deployed by the operation can be pinpointed with bar-coded accuracy!

Complement AMS with Easy-Call™ ADS to automatically schedule on-time delivery of mobile assets by support-service staff, to where they're needed, when needed ! Use the comprehensive suite of performance and statistical reports, to: schedule preventive maintenance, and better-inform planning cycles. In summary:


Easy-Call™ C&SM

Ensure no critical voice communication, to or from any ambulatory patient, ever 'falls through the cracks'. Each secured message is certain to arrive to the person intended, and time-stamped interaction will prove it. The time-stamped replay of any voice-exchange will protect your program - indefinitely !


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